Rent a luxury car in San Gimignano

Rent a luxury car in San Gimignano


San Gimignano, the magnificent little walled medieval town, perched on a hill, in the province of Siena, in the very heart of Tuscany’s countryside, is worldwide famous for its unique and “unforgettable skyline”.

The well preserved rests of its medieval architecture still offer, in fact, the incredible scenery of approximately a dozen ancient tower houses standing proudly on the horizon and filling the Tuscany’s blue sky. For this reason, San Gimignano is commonly known as the “Town of Fine Towers”.

Nevertheless, its roots can be found in the Etruscan period. In the 3rd century BC, a small Etruscan village stood, in fact, in the very place where San Gimignano stands today. The history of this village, then a flourishing small town, is punctuated with violent clashes, political discords and even brutal family rivalries, but it has been spared by destruction several times, especially in 450 AD when it was saved by the Bishop Geminianus, the Saint of Modena, from the potential devastation that could have been brought by the cruel warriors of Attila the Hun. The town’s current name goes back to this pivotal savior.


The rapid San Gimignano’s development throughout history is due to its transformation into an important stopping point on the medieval Via Francigena, for all Catholic pilgrims who were traveling towards Rome and the Vatican.

Flourishing centre of agricultural products trade, San Gimignano was especially known for its delicious and precious saffron, which was used for local recipes and to dye textiles, and for its local white wine called Vernaccia and considered, since the Renaissance period, one of Italy’s best white wines.


Renaissance and Gothic palaces, built in the typical Florentine manner, added up to the Medieval houses and monuments. The unique mixture of all these historical legacies transformed San Gimignano in a living treasure. Its historic centre has been, in fact, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.


You can hire in San Gimignano the best cars: a sport car, a SUV, a super car, a convertible car or a prestige car. Our fleet include latest sports car and supercars (exotic car), like Ferrari 812 Superfast or Lamborghini Aventador roadster.
Our car brands available in are Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Range Rover, Maserati, McLaren, Mercedes, Porsche, and Rolls-Royce.

About Alfa Romeo we can offer Stelvio, 4C, Giulia Quadrifoglio

About Bentley we can offer Bentayga W12, Continental GT,
About Audi we can offer RS3, RS6, R8 spyder, Q7
About BMW we can offer M4 Cabrio and X5
About Ferrari we have Portofino, California T, 488 Spyder, 812 Superfast, 458 spyder
About Lamborghini we can offer Aventador roadster, Huracan spyder and Urus
About Range Rover we can offer Evoque, Sport, Vogue, Autobiography and Velar
About Maserati we can offer Quattroporte, Ghibli, Levante and Granturismo
About Mclaren we can offer 570S and 650s spyder
About Mercedes we can offer S500, S63 AMG, G63 AMG, V Class, C Class and ML.
About Porsche we can offer 911 4S, 718 Spyder, Macan, Cayenne and Panamera turbo
About Rolls-royce our fleet include the Wraith, the Ghost

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